Welcome to Sutton-in-the-Elms Baptist Church

Sutton Elms is a lively and growing church with many families and young people. We seek to be a welcoming place for everyone, where people of all ages and backgrounds are cared for and made to feel at home.

We get excited about meeting together because we have a real expectation that when we do we will be privileged to encounter God. As a result our worship services leave room for many different styles but are all centred round bible teaching, prayer and praise.

We are passionate about God and believe that he is deeply relevant to today. In fact we believe that he has Good News to bring to every situation and therefore we try to make every activity culturally relevant. This includes our homegroups, youth work and social activities.

We have a real heart for our local village community as we believe that God loves every person in it. Consequently as a church we are constantly trying to find new ways to demonstrate this love in practical and life changing ways to young and old alike.

So whether you feel like laughing or crying there is always someone to listen. Whether you come with doubts or questions we will always try our best to help. For we believe in the God of love and as a church we long to be more like him and see others come to know him too.

We hope you enjoy the website but why not also come along and meet with us either at 10:30am or 6pm on a Sunday or at another activity to find out more? We would love to see you.