Podcast messages (Page 5)

Welcome to our online podcast messages, where you can listen to the latest Sunday message or catch up on one you missed. We pray you are encouraged in your walk with God as you listen.

Soul Survivor joint youth Special

Whetstone and Sutton’s youth join forces for tonight, sharing some of their highlights from Soul Survivor. Nicola Foster brings an encouraging word from Matthew 20:1-16 with 3 challenging questions form God: Didn’t we have a deal? Can’t I bless who I want?  Are you jealous?  Listen in to find out more…

Face to face with God

In this message, Dave encourages us to be a people who stand face to face with God.  May our heart cry echo the psalmist ‘When you said seek my face’,  my heart said “your face oh Lord I shall seek”‘ Exodus 34:29-35 Psalm 27

Speak life to the Dry bones

Sharing from Ezekiel 37:1-10, Jonathan encourages us to be a people who: see what the Lord is showing us, listen what the Lord is saying to us and to speak life and speak it again.  Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe His breath of life into the dry bones of our lives and community.

Recharging your batteries

Using Elijah as an example, Mark shares the need to recharge your ‘spiritual batteries’.  When was the last time you had ‘coffee with God’. 1 Kings 19:1-12 Audio is Mark’s message, video is of Bill Hybel’s ‘coffee with God’ shown at the end of Mark’s message

Born of the Spirit

God’s desire is for all to be saved, to be born of the Spirit and to enter the kingdom. That’s why He sent Jesus and why He sends us the Holy Spirit.  May we be a people who seek Jesus and whose lives are signs that point to Jesus.  May we know the transforming work of…

Remembering the Faithfulness of God

On our Church anniversary, Jonathan shares on the importance of remembering the faithfulness of God and building history with Him.  As we look back on the faithfulness of God, throughout history may our hearts be encouraged to see His faithfulness today and in tomorrow’s history.


Jesus desires us to live in a place of rest – His rest, His Presence.  A place prepared for us to which we are invited.  Will you enter His rest today?

Reopening the wells

Just as Isaac reopened the wells of his father that had been blocked up, in what ways have ‘wells’ in our own life been blocked up?   Jesus said that wells of living water will bubble up from within.  May our lives be open to receive His living water. What new wells are waiting to be discovered?