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Do You Have A Hidden Tree?

Christmas is my favourite time of year, our lounge feels so cosy by the light of the tree, with candles on the fireplace hearth. I like seeing houses lit-up as I’m out and about. And while I find the present shopping a little stressful, I do enjoy wrapping the presents I’ve brought. We have a…

Light party photos 2017!

A few photos from last nights Light Party. More are on Facebook, where you can tag a friend who was there and see if they will share some of their favourite photos from last night. To stay informed about future events, you can email Mat at

Lux Mundi: Let in the Light. Sunday 22nd October

Sunday 22nd October at 6.00pm LIVE BAND. LIFE MESSAGE A4 poster PDF (for invites print four to a page):   Coming soon   Coffee. pizza and refreshments afterwards (7.00pm).  Groups from local churches most welcome. “For youth and the youthful!” For more info contact Andrew at TEL: 07940 808512 Free event. No tickets needed, but…