The Elms have been significant in our church history being the place the founding believers initially gathered under to worship. Check out some of our history here (link to history). Its acronym offers a helpful breakdown of our vision and values, things we walk in and seek to grow in as we are Rooted and Reaching out in Christ.

We’ve found this picture a helpful way to picture this


A place where everyone is welcomed, and everyone matters (where anyone and everyone can gather to find shelter, protection, acceptance, direction, hope, healing and the joy of salvation).


A place where we love God and love others (where as a community we seek to grow in its biblical expression in every area of life through prayer, worship, the word, discipleship, friendship and practical support to one another).


A place of mission, where having gathered, we go in the good news of Jesus Christ (going into Broughton Astley and beyond. Into our homes, families, workplaces and schools, every area of society, bearing witness to and serving Christ in all that we do through the power of the Holy Spirit).


A place of salvation, found in Jesus for all who call on Him (our heart’s desire is to see all who gather under ‘The Elms’ and beyond respond to and walk in the freedom, forgiveness and salvation found in Jesus alone). 

What is Christianity?

We believe being a Christian is all about having a relationship with the living God. He has rescued us from our wrongdoing in the past – given us a promise of life with him in the future beyond death, and comes to helps us every day in the present.

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rejesus Sutton Elms Baptist church
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If you would like to know more please come and visit us or get in contact with us. We would be delighted to talk with you and try to answer your questions.

Our affiliations

Baptist Union Sutton Elms Broughton Astley
We are a Baptist church and members of the Baptist Union. Click to find out “Who Are Baptists”.
East Midland Baptist Association Sutton Elms Broughton Astley
We are members of the East Midland Baptist Association
Fairtrade Sutton Elms baptist Broughton Astley
Which includes serving very tasty Fairtrade tea and fresh brewed coffee