Son of the manse nominated for Leics green plaque

The son of a 19th century pastor of Sutton in the Elms Baptist church has been nominated for a Leicestershire Green Plaque.

Samuel Burdett

Samuel Swinfen Burdett was the son of Rev. Cheney Burdett, the “faithful and beloved” pastor of Sutton Elms Baptist church for a big chunk of the 19th Century. A plaque commemorating the father can still be seen in the chapel.

His son Samuel had an illustrious career in US politics, being the Commander-in-Chief of the Civil War veterans organization, and an influential “king maker” for presidents of the US. He never lost touch with his roots at the Old Manse in Broughton Astley, and died there while on a visit home.

Click here to see poster on Samuel Burdett from Broughton Astley Heritage Society and give him your vote!

You can read more about him on Wikipedia