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Broughton Astley

Angels & Monsters big toddle report

On Thursday 18th June our Angels and Monsters took part in the Barnardos Big Toddle to help raise funds for disadvantaged children. The area next to the church was decorated with pirate bunting and flags and an assault course was set out for the children to get rid of some of their energy! The children…

Know Jesus, Know Easter

Children and families from M&Ms and SMASH club had an enjoyable and thought provoking journey through a modern take on “stations of the cross” on Good Friday morning – under the title “No Jesus No Easter – Know Jesus Know Easter”.  

Sutton Elms Baptist Church, Broughton Astley

My Inspirational People – new interview series

God brings us together for a purpose. So at we are starting an occasional series of interviews with folk who are using their God given gifts to help us in our mission: to share God’s love with our community, in Sutton, Broughton Astley and further afield. The format is kindly lifted, with permission, from…

Pathways Foodbank Centre: Spring Report

Since November 2014 there have been fewer food vouchers, on average, presented weekly to the Pathways foodbank centre.   No-one attended the foodbank on five of the weeks and it has felt less busy.  However, the overall statistics have actually increased, when compared with the same quarter in 2014, because of an exceptionally busy session on…

Foodbank report - Sutton Elms Baptst church Broughton Astey

News on Hinckley Area Foodbank

This report covers the second half of 2014. There have been some changes during this time. Sutton in the Elms Baptist Church has become a Hinckley Area Foodbank collection point and these donations are taken to the warehouse weekly, along with those from Pathways and Hinckley Baptist Church, so represented in the donation statistics. From…