Community Defibrillator at Sutton: training 2nd June

The church in Sutton in the Elms has installed a community Defibrillator on the front wall of the chapel.

A Cardiac Arrest Response Seminar session has been arranged which you are welcome to sign up for:

Trainer: Wendy Johnson
Date: 2nd June
Time: 10AM
Defib: G5
Venue: Sutton Elms Baptist Church, 2 Sutton Lane, Broughton Astley, LE9 6RZ
Contact No: 07896 677340  (Rob Foster)
Trainer Contact No: 07887 528666
If you’d like a certificate, please request one when you sign up.

The Community Heartbeat Trust  

Please see attached documentation that may be of help to you:
Awareness Session Leaflet V2.00 2018