Festival of Prayer. 14th to 21st January

There is a deep cry from the heart of God for each one of us to Seek His face.
As we step into the New Year, both individually and as a Church, we invite you to commit this week to the LORD and to set aside time to simply ‘Seek His Face’.
Throughout the week there are various gathering points of prayer where we can come together in prayer, worship, stillness and rest as we respond to His cry to ‘Seek My Face’
Will you join in the response… ‘Your face, oh Lord, I shall seek… I am coming’

Gathering Points

  • Sunday 6 -7pm: Reflective prayer with Communion
  • Tuesday 7.30 -8.30am: Morning prayer
  • Tuesday 11am -12pm: Pastoral prayer – A time praying for those in the church and community
  • Wednesday 7.45 -8.45pm: Joint night of prayer and worship with Living Rock and St Mary’s
  • Thursday 3.30 -4.30pm: Family prayer activities (All welcome)
  • Friday 8 – 9.30pm: Encounter – A night of worship, waiting, seeking and finding