Get involved as Sutton celebrates the Queen’s 90th Birthday!

Sunday 12 June is the date of the SMASH Club Anniversary and it falls on the weekend of national celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday. So we’re planning a special event!

The morning service, taken by SMASH Club and themed for the occasion, will be followed by a street party event on the church field to mirror the Queen’s own street party taking place on The Mall on the same day. We’ll enjoy food together and play fairground sideshow games for our entertainment.

Get the date in the diary now.  Printed invites will follow very shortly.

Can you HELP please?! An event like this needs help from as many of us as possible to make it a special and enjoyable occasion. Suzanne and Heather are taking the lead on planning and organising the day and are looking for a small army of volunteers who can help in a variety of ways. Can you put up tents and tables, make and serve tea, run a fairground game (hook-a-duck, hoopla, coconut shy…), make a cake, put up decorations, donate a prize, etc.? Or do you have fairground game equipment that we can borrow for the day? We would love to hear from anyone who is willing to help

Suzanne or Heather.