Small Groups

Small groups meet during the week.  Two meet during the day (Mondays and Fridays) but most small groups meet in the evenings (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

The primary aim of the small groups is fellowship, Bible study and prayer.  Each small group is small enough for the members to get to know each other well and provide support, encouragement and fellowship for each other.  Bible study is a key part of the small group meetings.  Often the groups will discuss the previous Sunday morning’s Bible reading and sermon, so there is a strong link with the Sunday services.  Prayer is also a key part of every small group.  Each group prays for its members and their needs, for the local church’s activities, for the wider church, for our community and for the world.

Members enjoy attending the small groups and getting to know each other and God better.  For details of  the times and where each small group meets, or if you require any further information, then please contact the church office.