Harvest at Sutton – Sunday 11th October

A quick look at the leaves on the trees or the fruit fallen to the lawn will tell you it is Autumn and harvest season. Farmers have already brought in most of the crops, but this is the traditional time of year for church harvest festivals.

In North America they have their Thanksgiving festivals where the family get together to give thanks for the blessings of the earth and each other. Here we tend to focus more on community events and church services. So we are looking forward to setting up the Baptist chapel at Sutton Elms for our Harvest Festival this Sunday.

We will have the traditional produce table which will, as much as possible, be given to the Hinckley Food Bank. So whether you are a farmer, gardener, allotment gardener, or just enjoy your food, we’d love to see you.

Morning service

At Sutton on Sunday 11th October you can come to the Family Harvest Service in the morning, led by our moderator, Rev. John Hall. The message and content will be suitable for all ages – including children, with light refreshments served afterwards.

Rev. John Hall Sutton Elms Baptist Church
Rev John Hall

Afternoon Harvest service followed by meal.

In the afternoon, at 4pm,  you can come to a more Traditional Harvest Service – which largely means some traditional hymns, but also some more contemporary elements. After that at 5pm there will be a hot meal. Please get in contact and book if you wish to share in the meal. A warm invite is extended to all – including friends who’ve enjoyed Chatterbox and MAGS over the years.