Light party photos – October 31st

What did you do on Halloween?

Well parents and children had a fun evening at Sutton in the Elms church on 31st for the Light Party.  Lots of fun, craft, games, music, bible stories and of course food – pizza, garlic bread and cake.

Funny selfie booth

There was a funny dressing up photo booth manned by some of the teenagers – here are some of the photos. We are hoping folk will submit some more to Facebook and tag the church. img_20161104_214923

So why have a Light Party rather than a Halloween Party?

Well Jesus told us to be Lights in the World, and Children of Light. And Paul the Apostle in the Bible tells us to have nothing to do with the things of darkness and evil.

And as well as good Bible based reasons, the kids also have a good time, and didn’t come away frightened of anything, real or imagined. There was a boost in registrations this year – maybe because of the concern about un-friendly clown stories.

We were introduced to a new puppet by Matt, and in keeping with the theme of the night, this was a mild mannered sheep – Eugenie – or Ewe-jeanie.loving-remembrance

On Sunday afternoon some of us joined with our friends at St Mary’s for the service of Loving Remembrance, for All Souls Day. Many went along to remember friends and members of family who have died. They lit candles of remembrance and heard comforting words and music. This is not about ghosts of course, but thinking about souls made by God, that have now returned to him. And there’s the good news that Jesus has given us the hope of new life Resurrection, and the promise of His return.