Foodbank report - Sutton Elms Baptst church Broughton Astey

News on Hinckley Area Foodbank

This report covers the second half of 2014. There have been some changes during this time.

Sutton in the Elms Baptist Church has become a Hinckley Area Foodbank collection point and these donations are taken to the warehouse weekly, along with those from Pathways and Hinckley Baptist Church, so represented in the donation statistics.

Food is sorted
Sorting the food

From the 1st September the Foodbank name was changed to Hinckley Area Foodbank to reflect the wider cover provided by the Centres. The responsibility for running the Foodbank was taken on by Hinckley Christian Community Action (HCCA) from Hope Community Church. The procedures were not changed and currently operate as in the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network Manual
2014. 581.6kg (92 stone) of food and toiletries have been donated to the warehouse; at an approximate value of £1.68/kg this was worth £977.19.

The generosity of the donations was much appreciated by those attending the Centres. In Pathways Foodbank Centre we have supplied 1,242.7kg (2,740 lbs or 195 stone 10 lbs in old currency) during the 6- month period.

This averages about 43 kg in the weekly 2-hour session that the foodbank is open. 105 adults and 59 children were fed from the 3-day supplies of 1,242.7 kg.



Report first published by Hinckley Baptist Church.