Pathways Foodbank Centre: Spring Report

Foodbank report - Sutton Elms Baptst church Broughton AsteySince November 2014 there have been fewer food vouchers, on average, presented weekly to the Pathways foodbank centre.   No-one attended the foodbank on five of the weeks and it has felt less busy.  However, the overall statistics have actually increased, when compared with the same quarter in 2014, because of an exceptionally busy session on 10th December 2014; in the 2-hour session on that day we supplied food and toiletries to 35 individuals, of which 12 were children under 16 years of age.  On that session alone, 221.7kg out of the quarter’s total of 743.6kg was given out.

Steve Smith  at Hinckley Foodbank Pathways Centre
Steve Smith with Sue Steer at Pathways Centre, Hinckley Foodbank

Pathways foodbank centre has supplied 743.6kg of food from our stock cupboards to 68 adults and 35 children, a total of 105 individuals in this quarter-year.   In the same quarter last year we supplied 546kg to 74 individuals, of which 14 were children.  These statistics show that, in early 2015, we have had fewer single individuals presenting with vouchers and a doubling of individuals with children needing crisis food supplies.

Hinckley Baptist Church, the Pathways Centre and Sutton in the Elms Baptist Church have donated 185.8kg of food, toiletries and treats in this quarter to Hinckley Area foodbank warehouse; at an approximate value of £1.68/kg this was worth £321.14.