Sermons on Matthew

Palm Sunday

In this Palm Sunday message, Jonathan, asks the questions of our lives, ‘Is Jesus King for a day (or certain days), or King of all our days?’. Listen in to find out more… (Matthew 21:1-17)

God With Us – Emmanuel

  As we get closer to celebrating Jesus birth, Dave explores Matthew’s account of the lead up to Jesus arrival, considering how Joseph’s example of obedience relates to us in 2018 and how Emmanuel – “God with us” – is still true today!

Wise Men Still Seek Jesus

Looking at the story of the Wise men seeking Jesus, Jonathan asks us: How far are you willing to journey for Jesus?  What price will you pay for Jesus? Will you travel differently for Jesus? Listen in to find out more and be encouraged in your journey for Jesus Matthew 1:1-12

Soul Survivor joint youth Special

Whetstone and Sutton’s youth join forces for tonight, sharing some of their highlights from Soul Survivor. Nicola Foster brings an encouraging word from Matthew 20:1-16 with 3 challenging questions form God: Didn’t we have a deal? Can’t I bless who I want?  Are you jealous?  Listen in to find out more…


Paul encourages us that faith is our fuel and to put our faith (even as small as a mustard seed) in God to believe for the impossible. Matthew 17:14-21