Sermons by Andrew Davies

Paul & Barnabus go on tour!

Paul spent longer in preparation for his ministry than many of us realise… but in God’s time he & Barnabus set out for Cyprus with their church’s blessing. In Cyprus they find ready hearers, enquirers but also serious opposition. Acts 13 1-12

Praying for Power

After preaching boldly in the name of Jesus the disciples prayed for boldness again.  Following their example, we are encouraged to pray and seek the Lord for boldness and a powerful witness to Christ. Acts 4:23-31

Crime and Punishment

All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard. Jesus died for you and me upon the cross taking our sins, sorrows and punishment in our place.  Have you responded in faith to what Jesus has done on the cross? Romans 3:21-31

Reopening the wells

Just as Isaac reopened the wells of his father that had been blocked up, in what ways have ‘wells’ in our own life been blocked up?   Jesus said that wells of living water will bubble up from within.  May our lives be open to receive His living water. What new wells are waiting to be discovered?