Sermons by Dave Harris

DOTF: Submission and Humility

What is the motive of our actions? Is it selfish or proudful or does it align to Gods’ heart? Dave looks at the disciplines of submission and humility and how God calls us to humble and submit ourselves before Him.

God With Us – Emmanuel

  As we get closer to celebrating Jesus birth, Dave explores Matthew’s account of the lead up to Jesus arrival, considering how Joseph’s example of obedience relates to us in 2018 and how Emmanuel – “God with us” – is still true today!

And the Church prayed….

As we continue our walk through Acts, today we hear how the Church reacted when Peter was imprisoned – how they prayed, how the prayers were answered and the transformation this brought. How will you respond to the challenges?   Includes Tauren Wells (When we pray)

Bearing witness to Christ

Dave shares how even Paul had timid and trembling moments in sharing the gospel but lived and relied upon the power of the Spirit.  We too are to rely upon the Spirit as we bear witness to Christ through all that we do. 1 Corinthians 2:1-5