Sermons by Jonathan Morley

Jesus is in the boat

Reading from Mark 4:35-41, Jonathan encourages us that in the midst of the storms of life: Jesus is in the boat, Jesus is at peace and Jesus is on a mission to see us through to the other side. Listen in to find out more…

The Seed of the Kingdom

The seed of the Kingdom is powerful and is able to accomplish that for which it is sown. This morning, Jonathan shares some insights and encouragement from two parables which Jesus told about the seed of the kingdom. Listen in to find out more. (Mark 4:26-34)

Palm Sunday

In this Palm Sunday message, Jonathan, asks the questions of our lives, ‘Is Jesus King for a day (or certain days), or King of all our days?’. Listen in to find out more… (Matthew 21:1-17)

Lessons from the life of Thomas

Commonly known as ‘doubting Thomas’, Thomas was actually a man of devotion, courage and commitment to Christ. He moved from doubting to declaring who Jesus is and through his questions to Jesus received revelation from Jesus.  Listen in for some lessons from the life of Thomas

Walking in Hope

Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping and walked in hope. He didn’t deny the reality of what was or was not happening, – he faced the facts but looked to a greater truth and reality. This morning, Jonathan encourages us to walk in hope and grow in our faith, knowing Jesus is…

Walking when it hurts

In Genesis 17 God appears to Abram and renames Abraham and Sarah. He renames them to repurpose and revision them for what was to come – fruitfulness.  As part of this God offered an awesome covenant/promise but one that came with a cost that would hurt to walk in – literally!. Abraham showed incredible commitment and counted…

Walking too Far

As Abraham continued ‘walking where he had never walked before’, instead of walking by faith he began to walk by fear. When we make choices based on fear it leads us to walking too far and crossing boundaries, physical and moral that we are not meant to cross. (Genesis 12:10-20)