Sermons by Jonathan Morley

Return to the Place of Worship

Reading from Luke 2:41-52 Jonathan challenges us in our awareness of Jesus. Are we sometimes like Mary and Joseph losing track of Jesus? Does Jesus get crowded out by what is happening around us? If we ever lose something we are often told where did you last have it/see it. By returning to the place of worship not only…

A Faith that’s Wise and Humble

Continuing the Faith that Works series in James 3:13-4:10, Jonathan challenges us in the expression and outworking of our faith. Who is the source of our wisdom and is that walked out humbly in our lives? Do we wage war or bring peace to our relationships. Do we walk humbly before God having a faith that is wise…

A faith that’s alive

Our faith is not meant to be deeply private, distant or disconnected from our lives and reality. It’s not meant to be dead but alive.  Reading from James 2:14-26, Jonathan echoes James challenge that unless our faith has a face in the works we do it’s dead and useless! While we are not saved by good…

A faith that loves

Continuing looking at a Faith that works, Jonathan challenges us from James 2:1-13 to have a Faith that loves and judges all worthy of love. Do we judge people by worldly standards, outward appearance and evil motives as James calls it? Or do we judge people worthy of love having a faith that works – a faith that loves?

Church on Mission

Reviewing and recapping some of the church on mission series, Jonathan encourages us to travel light, casting off the weights and sin that hinder, and to realize that the testimony of what God has done in us counts and is powerful.