Sermons by Jonathan Morley

Permeating Prayer

As we begin looking at the book of Colossians, Jonathan reads Paul’s greeting, opening thanks and prayer. We are encouraged to follow Paul’s example of living a life permeated with prayer that overflows into all we do.

Seated with Christ

In this prayerful preach at the beginning of our week of prayer, Jonathan encourages us to beware of the spiritual reality that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Listen in to find out more

20/20 Vision

What is your vision like? The Lord desires us to see with 2020 vision. To see as He sees, and by faith what He sees. In what ways do our lenses, focus and perspective need adjusting to see with 20/20 vision?

Motion or Devotion?

In our walk with God, do you go through the motion or grow in your devotion? When an angel appeared to Zechariah as he stood ministering to God, the angel assured him his prayer had been heard, yet in going through the motion, Zechariah doubted. Listen in to find out more…

DOTF: Thankfulness and Forgiveness

In scientific studies and research Thankfulness and forgiveness has been shown to lower stress and blood pressure whilst boosting your immune system, improving your general wellbeing and helping you to sleep better. God has always known this and that’s why Scripture encourages us in these things. Listen in to find out more.

DOTF: Prayer, Devotion and Reading Scripture

Have you brushed your teeth this morning? Beginning a series on the Disciplines of the faith, Jonathan encourages us to grow in the healthy habits and disciplines of the faith. This morning the discipline of prayer, devotion and reading scripture are explored. Please accept our apologies for the quality of this recording, it was due…

GWIFG – Free to forgive

Joseph was beaten betrayed and sold as a slave, yet years later he can declare to his brother,’ You intended to harm me, but intended it for good’. To say a statement like that is only fully possible you have forgiven and forgiven deeply. Listen in to find out more.