Sermons by Mark Wagstaff

Obey your thirst

Just as we need water to live so we need the living water that Jesus brings. Reading from John 7:37-39, Mark challenges us that though we may try many things to fill the void and quench the thirst in our souls, Jesus invites all to drink from the living waters of life that truly satisfy.

Feeding the 5000

Mark unpacks the story of the feeding of the 5000 and challenging us: are we moving from discipleship to ‘apostleship’, to bless others with the’little’ that we have, not limiting what the Lord wants to do. Mark 6:30-44

Recharging your batteries

Using Elijah as an example, Mark shares the need to recharge your ‘spiritual batteries’.  When was the last time you had ‘coffee with God’. 1 Kings 19:1-12 Audio is Mark’s message, video is of Bill Hybel’s ‘coffee with God’ shown at the end of Mark’s message