Sermons from December 2017

The Eve of something New

On New Year’s Eve Jonathan shares 2 verses that have been prominent this past year and will continue to be moving forward. We are on the Eve of something new as a church. But how big is your asking? How big is your thinking? Will you step out into what God has for you and…

Wise Men Still Seek Jesus

Looking at the story of the Wise men seeking Jesus, Jonathan asks us: How far are you willing to journey for Jesus?  What price will you pay for Jesus? Will you travel differently for Jesus? Listen in to find out more and be encouraged in your journey for Jesus Matthew 1:1-12

Jesus is our light and hope

At our Carols by Candlelight service, Jonathan shares how Jesus is the light of the World and nothing can overcome His light. He comes to bring light, life, forgiveness and hope to our lives.  Will you allow him to draw near to bring His light and hope into your life this Christmas?

Good News for all

Dave shares with us the Good News announced to lowly shepherds on a hillside.  We too have received Good News, the Good News that we need – Jesus is our saviour Luke 2:1-20

Blessed because you believe

Reading from Luke 1: 26-38. Jonathan talks about the announcement from Gabriel to Mary that she would carry Christ. Just as Mary was blessed because she believed, may we also believe in the word of salvation to us and walk in that blessing as carriers of Christ.