Podcast messages

Welcome to our online podcast messages, where you can listen to the latest Sunday message or catch up on one you missed. We pray you are encouraged in your walk with God as you listen.

Palm Sunday

In this Palm Sunday message, Jonathan, asks the questions of our lives, ‘Is Jesus King for a day (or certain days), or King of all our days?’. Listen in to find out more… (Matthew 21:1-17)

Living in Freedom

This morning, Darren Bovis-Coulter shares about living in Freedom. Unhealed wounds in our lives can shape our actions and attitudes which leads to sin, which in turn leads to entrapment by the enemy. Darren encourages us to allow the Holy Spirit into those wounds to bring healing, wholeness and freedom.

Lessons from the life of Mary

Deb encourages us from the life of Mary of Bethany.  Mary was one who sat and fell at feet of Jesus, anointing Him with that which was costly. We are challenged to live lives that sit, surrender and sacrifice to Jesus.

Lessons from the life of Thomas

Commonly known as ‘doubting Thomas’, Thomas was actually a man of devotion, courage and commitment to Christ. He moved from doubting to declaring who Jesus is and through his questions to Jesus received revelation from Jesus.  Listen in for some lessons from the life of Thomas

Understanding Grace for the Believer

Reading from John 13, Jason Duffin shares from this passage that God is in control and He doesn’t make mistakes. Jesus, as the servant king, desires a servant church. and though costly there is great blessing in serving. As we go through life we all get dirty feet so come to Jesus and get them washed!

Walking in Hope

Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping and walked in hope. He didn’t deny the reality of what was or was not happening, – he faced the facts but looked to a greater truth and reality. This morning, Jonathan encourages us to walk in hope and grow in our faith, knowing Jesus is…