Podcast messages (Page 3)

Welcome to our online podcast messages, where you can listen to the latest Sunday message or catch up on one you missed. We pray you are encouraged in your walk with God as you listen.

Third time Lucky?

Sue Steer encourages us to keep pursuing the plans and purposes of God in our lives. Just as Paul and Silas were redirected in their ministry, travel and plans, keep pursuing God and he will lead and make a way Acts 16 6-10

Paul & Barnabus go on tour!

Paul spent longer in preparation for his ministry than many of us realise… but in God’s time he & Barnabus set out for Cyprus with their church’s blessing. In Cyprus they find ready hearers, enquirers but also serious opposition. Acts 13 1-12

And the Church prayed….

As we continue our walk through Acts, today we hear how the Church reacted when Peter was imprisoned – how they prayed, how the prayers were answered and the transformation this brought. How will you respond to the challenges?   Includes Tauren Wells (When we pray)

Praying for Power

After preaching boldly in the name of Jesus the disciples prayed for boldness again.  Following their example, we are encouraged to pray and seek the Lord for boldness and a powerful witness to Christ. Acts 4:23-31