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Welcome to our online podcast messages, where you can listen to the latest Sunday message or catch up on one you missed. We pray you are encouraged in your walk with God as you listen.

GWIFG – Favour that follows

Joseph was beaten, betrayed and sold as a slave, yet the Lord was with Joseph and showed him favour and loving kindness. As he fled from temptation he found himself in prison yet even there the Lord was with him. Wherever we find ourselves in life, be it the pit, prison or the palace, the…

GWIFG – Fallen from Favour

This morning, reading from Genesis 37, Jonathan begins a new series looking at the life of Joseph and how God worked it for good. If you think your family dynamics are dysfunctional, you should check out Jospehs’s! Yet was able to work amidst the rich compost of human life to work his will. Though it…

Jesus is in the boat

Reading from Mark 4:35-41, Jonathan encourages us that in the midst of the storms of life: Jesus is in the boat, Jesus is at peace and Jesus is on a mission to see us through to the other side. Listen in to find out more…

Obey your thirst

Just as we need water to live so we need the living water that Jesus brings. Reading from John 7:37-39, Mark challenges us that though we may try many things to fill the void and quench the thirst in our souls, Jesus invites all to drink from the living waters of life that truly satisfy.

The Power of Presence

This morning, Bruce Nadin shares about the Power of Presence. Jesus was present in the ordinary, present in pain and present to transform. Through The Holy Spirit, He calls you and me to the same.