Podcast messages (Page 3)

Welcome to our online podcast messages, where you can listen to the latest Sunday message or catch up on one you missed. We pray you are encouraged in your walk with God as you listen.

Return to the Place of Worship

Reading from Luke 2:41-52 Jonathan challenges us in our awareness of Jesus. Are we sometimes like Mary and Joseph losing track of Jesus? Does Jesus get crowded out by what is happening around us? If we ever lose something we are often told where did you last have it/see it. By returning to the place of worship not only…

Awe and Wonder

Looking at the birth of Jesus from the shepherds perspective, Dianne challenges us to be in awe and wonder of Jesus. In the modern era where everything vies for our attention, it is so easy to be distracted. This Christmas, take time to be in awe and wonder of who Jesus is. Luke 2:8-20)

God With Us – Emmanuel

  As we get closer to celebrating Jesus birth, Dave explores Matthew’s account of the lead up to Jesus arrival, considering how Joseph’s example of obedience relates to us in 2018 and how Emmanuel – “God with us” – is still true today!

A Faith that’s Wise and Humble

Continuing the Faith that Works series in James 3:13-4:10, Jonathan challenges us in the expression and outworking of our faith. Who is the source of our wisdom and is that walked out humbly in our lives? Do we wage war or bring peace to our relationships. Do we walk humbly before God having a faith that is wise…